That’s the percentage of tickets sold for the Aces at The Maj season in 2021 at reduced seating capacities, compared to the FRINGE WORLD average of 74%.

Even more impressive, in 2020 our sold-out percentage was 92% at full capacity compared to the FRINGE WORLD average of 53%.

Following three interrupted years, we aim for our 2024 season to return to 2020 outcomes or better.


That’s the average price patrons paid to see one of our shows over the past three years. Compare that to the FRINGE WORLD average of $30.

Both these headline figures mean the shows we host are able to achieve a superior financial return. Plus:

  • iconic venue in a well-known central location attracting year-round audiences who subscribe to and love and support the venue’s offerings

  • full team to help you shine: amazing sound and lighting operators, professional ticketing, marketing, FOH, ushers and hospitality teams

  • access to Arts and Culture Trust (ACT) network including their mailing lists

  • well stocked tech equipment
  • on site day and night box office

  • air-conditioning

  • well stocked bar, on-site restaurant and street level bar, all adding to the atmosphere

We carefully select each show from submissions. We’re looking for quality comedy, cabaret, musicals, music and magic shows.