Thank you for your interest in performing at
His Majesty’s Theatre as part of
Fringe World Perth in 2022.

Aces at The Maj has been programming our popular seasons at this iconic theatre for the past 6 years.

Higher than average performer returns

Based on previous festival data released by FRINGE WORLD, our net payouts to performers are well above the festival average. Our average performer returns are typically 60% higher than the average for shows in a FRINGE WORLD managed venue and 140% higher than the average for shows in other independent venues.

How do we achieve that excellent result? It comes down to:

  1. charging a higher ticket price;
  2. providing a ‘luxury fringe audience experience’ which justifies this ticket price; and
  3. splitting production costs between multiple shows (five performances a night across both venues) to make the venue accessible to shows.

Ticket prices

Our ticket prices, higher than the festival average, are $42 on the all important Friday and Saturday nights and $36 on week nights.

We require all shows to charge the ticket prices outlined in our ticketing spreadsheet. This is to ensure everyone has the capability to cover costs and make a healthy return. They’re also set at a price that makes best use of the sliding scale of ticket fees.

Our prices over FRINGE WORLD are less than usual His Maj ticket prices, so the venue’s typical, year-round loyal audiences see our season as a bargain.

The luxury fringe experience

We have a very clear and respected positioning within the Festival as the home of the ‘luxury fringe experience’ and next year have been designated as one of a selected few FRINGE WORLD hubs.

The superior level of comfort and amenities provided for audiences at the venue means this is no tent fringe experience:

  • air-conditioning

  • iconic building with a well-known central location

  • excellent sound and lighting equipment and operators

  • welcoming ticketing, FOH, usher and hospitality teams

  • on site day and night box office

  • quality in house food & beverage offerings

  • recently refurbished foyers and bars

  • quality grand piano (Downstairs at The Maj) and keyboard (Dress Circle Bar)

And of course over many years we’ve built a reputation for hosting quality shows. That’s where you come in!

What we supply

His Majesty’s Theatre is one of Perth’s premiere venues, conveniently located in the heart of the CBD. Operating year-round, it has an existing strong audience following and is renowned for its quality programming and high level of comfort for audiences. Very importantly for the time of year in Perth, it’s air-conditioned!

Downstairs at The Maj comes with quality sound and lighting equipment drawn from the very extensive stock available at the theatre, raised stage, a regularly-tuned Yamaha C5 grand piano and projector & screen. Its capacity is 142 with cabaret-style seating, usually in tables of four (bar stools at rear). The venue has recently undergone significant refurbishment, with a new street entrance, and luxuriously styled large foyer and foyer bar area.

Dress Circle Bar is a recently restyled classic space which has been transformed into a new and luxurious intimate performance venue. Its full capacity is 106 with theatre style seating. This venue also draws on the quality sound and lighting equipment available at the theatre and has a raised stage. A keyboard is provided in this venue.

We also supply:

  • a full team to help you best present your show: award-winning producers (four-time FRINGE WORLD Best Cabaret Award winners); first class dedicated technical operators; front-of-house, ushering team and security personnel.

  • marketing support by Arts and Culture Trust’s (ACT) marketing department including the venue’s database of regular audiences, separate database of previous audience members, and a venue-specific printed program and website. ACT (formerly known as Perth Theatre Trust/PTT) is a network of major Perth theatres of which His Maj is a part. The combination of five significant marketing outlets – ACT, the venue, FRINGE WORLD, our own marketing and yours – is a powerful one.

  • box office support:

    • you have the ability to sell tickets not just through FRINGE WORLD, but also through the venue’s own box office, and the ACT network of venue box offices.
    • a professional on-site staffed box office day and night, with door sales available on-site right up until show time.
    • constant monitoring of both box offices to balance allocations, maximising the opportunity for patrons to purchase your tickets.
  • free accommodation to interstate performers in the luxurious 4-star DoubleTree by Hilton Perth Northbridge. Note we exchange tickets to all shows in return for this accommodation, capped at a maximum of 4 per performance per night. While their participation is confirmed, the exact number of room nights won’t be confirmed until our season is confirmed – last year we negotiated for 28 room nights.

  • encore season: we’re extending to the week after FRINGE WORLD and will be offering extra spots to the highest selling shows

  • guaranteed reviews for all shows – we’ve reached agreement with Fourth Wall Media for all shows to be reviewed by one of their team of reviewers. This will take place early on in each season, with the review published on their website as quickly as possible as a promotional tool.

  • We actively refer shows to tour regional Western Australia pre and post FRINGE WORLD, and we produce the Melbourne Cabaret Festival – all shows at His Maj will be considered for these ventures.

Getting paid

FRINGE WORLD and ACT hold all ticket revenue until settlement, with the agreed funds then being released by them direct to you – i.e. your ticket revenue doesn’t come to us or any other third party at any time.

The deal

Our model is to keep production costs (the major component of which is the venue hire) as low as possible by us sharing costs with you across multiple shows nightly, before ticket charges are deducted and our split takes place. Everything stated in this document is covered by the production cost, i.e. there’s no additional fees for techs / marketing etc.

For Downstairs at The Maj, the production cost is $780 per performance. You will only need to sell around 24 tix per performance to cover this.

For Dress Circle Bar, the production cost is $660 per performance. You will only need to sell around 20 tix per performance to cover this.

The production cost also applies to any show extensions. In 2021, we added 13 extra performances due to sell out seasons / audience demand.

Once these production costs and ticket fees have been deducted, 60% of ticket revenue goes to you (including GST if applicable), direct from the box offices.

This is subject to other shows in your week agreeing to their offers so we can share the production costs evenly across all nightly shows.

Each show is programmed in a five night season, Tue to Sat, and shoes change weekly.

How to Apply

Click here to access the application form. The deadline to apply for first round offers is Tue 20 September (timed so shows can be part of FRINGE WORLD’s Early Release with an on-sale date of Wed 19 Oct)

Contact for questions
David Read, Aces at The Maj

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