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Aces at The Maj is a season of entertaining shows at the iconic His Majesty’s Theatre as part of Perth’s 2022 FRINGE WORLD festival, 14 Jan to 13 Feb.

For the past seven years, we have differentiated our season from other festival shows by positioning ourselves as the ‘luxury fringe experience’. This is achieved by the venue providing comfortable amenities (eg air-conditioning) not usual in the fringe festival and hand-picking quality shows. Our shows have won multiple festival awards.

By presenting up to six different shows each night in two venues (Downstairs at The Maj and Dress Circle Bar) we annually attract more than 5,500 audience members. Last season we sold 96% of ticket capacity at reduced seating allowances compared to the FRINGE WORLD average of 74%. In 2020 our sold-out percentage was 92% at full capacity compared to the FRINGE WORLD average of 53%.

Our 2022 season is poised for growth by adding Monday nights to our 2022 program (seasons will run from Mon to Sat and change weekly) and by programming an additional ‘encore’ season in the week after FRINGE WORLD.

Partnering with us will provide you with an entry point to FRINGE WORLD. The festival’s 2021 research states:

  • The overall festival records 11,518 accommodation nights at an average spend of $114 nightly

  • 74% of audiences eat a meal at a restaurant before or after attending a show

Of 53 City of Perth businesses who were part of their 2021 ‘FRINGEY OFFERS PROGRAM’:

  • 60% think FRINGE WORLD had significant positive impact on their business

  • 40% said their level of trading increased

What Aces at The Maj offer you


  • 20 tickets to our launch show, Sat 15 Jan (value $920) – for you to allocate as you see fit (our Melbourne accommodation partner uses it to reward regular guests)

  • 20 other tickets across to shows across our season (value $840), max 4 allocated per night

Make a dining offer

  • Provide us with a discount code (so you can track effectiveness) for dining and drinking at the Shadow Wine Bar & Dining Room and we’ll promote it to our audience members (est value $3,300, calculated by estimating 1% take up (55 people) x $60 spend)

Make an accommodation offer

  • Provide us with a discount code (so you can track effectiveness) for our audience members to stay at the Alex Hotel (est value $1,260, calculated by estimating 0.1% take up (6 people) x $210 spend)


  • Dining and accommodation offer promoted via our printed season program, poster, website and social media (est value $1,000)

Total value: $7,320

What we need in return

  • Complimentary accommodation for our performers: 4 single rooms for 7 nights each ($210 per room per 28 nights = $5,880)

  • Promote our season to your in-house guests over FRINGE WORLD. We’ll provide you with a unique discounted promo code so we can track effectiveness.


We are partnering with one hotel only. His Majesty’s Theatre restaurant, Crew & King, will also be making food & beverage offers to ticket buyers (last year 8% of audience members also dined there).


End August.

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